Bethany's top 7 INDOOR PLANTS

Bethany's top 7 INDOOR PLANTS

I just love filling my home with indoor plants, always making it feel so fresh and happy. Having them in the house is ideal, as you can consistently watch them grow which makes them feel like part of the family.

Indoor plants do wonders for your health.  It has been proven that the benefits to you are outstanding by providing cleaner air, reducing stress and improving your wellbeing.

See below some of my favourites; 

Fiddle Leaf Fig || Ficus lyrata

Keep your fiddle leaf fig in bright, indirect light. Water when the top few cm are dry. 
Dust and keep your leaves clean.
Photo via Bentinmarcs in our own home in Angaston


Rubber Plant || Ficus elastica

The Rubber plant needs bright indoor light. Allow potting mix to dry out between watering. Keep the leaves dust free, repot this plant as needed.
Photo via Pinterest

Phalaenopsis Orchid  


The Phalaenopsis Orchid has long-lasting flowers. Provide bright light, shelter from cold draughts and grow in well-drained orchid mix. Mist once or twice a week. Let flower stems die back before pruning off dead growth.
Photo via Bentinmarcs in our own home in Angaston

Peace Lily || Spathiphyllum

The Peace lily is one of the best indoor flowering plants for a bight indoor spot. Water when dry and remove spent flower and leaf stems. Note: Poisonous to pets
Photo via Pinterest


Devil's Ivy || Epipremnum aureum

Devil's ivy is a climber that grows in bright to low light away from draughts. Water when dry and dust leaves. Prune to control the size. Note: Poisonous to pets
Photo via Pinterest


Mother in Law Tongue || 

Sansevieria trifasciata

Mother-in-law's tongue is a tough indoor plant for a well lit spot out of the direct sun. Water when dry.
Photo via Pinterest


Monstera Plant || Monstera deliciosa

Monstera likes a well lit spot indoors away from direct light. Allow potting mix to dry out slightly between waterings. Mist and dust leaves. Remove dead growth and repot when it grows out of its container. Support any of the climbing branches.
Photo via Pinterest

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New Beginnings - Viva 2.0 Website Launch

Spring is finally here to lift us up and out of the depths of winter. The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming and Viva is celebrating 2 years with owner and Barossa local, Bethany Rothe. With an incredible team by her side, Bethany has poured her impeccable taste and flair into this business.

With a love for the natural beauty of flowers, Viva buys fresh flowers from the markets everyday. No matter the occasion, our designs reflect the individuality and desires of our clients and we also go the extra mile to source flowers from interstate and overseas if needed. 

In the true spirit of spring, we thought it was the perfect time to give life to our new website. Not that we need an excuse to drink delectable wine and eat delicious cheese, but on Thursday 22nd September we hosted a website launch party. 

Viva's page now reflects our style and aesthetic and is a lot easier to use! Ordering flowers online is simple and we offer a range of perfect gifts and plants that can also be found in our shopfront in Angaston. 

Surrounded by beautiful blooms and the best of company, Viva had a blast showing off our new online look. Thank you so much to everyone that came along. We have also started this blog and look forward to sharing post with you from Flowers in Season, to Care Tips, to Wedding Features. 

A gorgeous time of year is upon us and we can't wait to share in your memorable occasions. We specialise in weddings, bridal showers, engagement parties and corporate events and are happy to handle any crazy, creative idea you might have! Whether online or in-store, we hope to see you soon. 

A special Thank you to Hentley Farm for donating the amazing Sparkling Blanc de Nor we enjoyed on the night. Its now a great addition to our wine list you can add on to any order online.


Emmica and Andy’s Vibrant, Rural Wedding

Over the Easter long weekend, Viva had a blast creating floral designs to match Emmica and Andy’s bright, quirky and down-to earth personalities. Within a scenic nook of Bethany Reserve, guests sat on upcycled, mismatched chairs - hand-painted and upholstered by the bride’s mum! The couple wanted their flowers to be lively and to reflect this beautiful, rural setting.

Nigel Parsons Photography

As Emmica and Andy walked down the isle together, hand in hand, the guests began an impromptu cheer. The couple could not stop smiling as Love Me Do by the Beetles danced through the leaves of the tallest gumtree.

Emmica’s bouquet was wild and unstructured with wattle, grand jubilee red rose, pink lace roses, gum nuts and red dahlias. The colours were inspired by Emmica’s favourite shade of lipstick, Russian Red. For Andy’s buttonhole we used red spray rose and gum nuts. We placed mixed gums and natives in tins beneath an arch of handmade bunting strung between two fallen branches.

Nigel Parsons PhotographyNigel Parsons PhotographyNigel Parsons PhotographyNigel Parsons Photography

The couple exchanged endearing vows like Andy’s - “I promise to continue telling you random factoids that you don't care about” and Emmica’s - “I promise to never do the dishes or rinse out the coffee plunger in the morning”. A reflection of their light-heartedness and their wish for the day to be filled with laughter, love and happiness.

Nigel Parsons PhotographyNigel Parsons Photography

Looking around Stockwell Hall, it was easy to see that Emmica and Andy took DIY weddings to a whole new level. With the help of family and friends they made a backdrop of paper flowers, sewed over one hundred metres of bunting and put together an incredible collection of op-shop glasses.

Nigel Parsons PhotographyNigel Parsons Photography

To suit their eclectic theme, we crafted bright posies of reds, oranges, pinks and purples and used found tins as vases. The couple wanted over-the-top colour but still in keeping with their love of Australian nature. To achieve this we complimented the flowers with an array of mixed gums and arranged them next to Andy’s potted succulents.

Shawnee Willis

When the bride entered the reception in sequinned, gold pants the guests knew it was time to turn up the music and tear up the dance floor! Viva had an incredible time creating joyous floral designs that truly matched the beaming hearts of the happy couple.

Nigel Parsons PhotographyNigel Parsons PhotographyNigel Parsons Photography 







Murray Street Vineyards Open Day

It was such a pleasure to be exhibiting with some great wedding vendors who are creative, experienced and all at the top of their game. 
So important to have professionals around you that are experienced, inspiration and are able to do what they say they can do. 
We also love working with such amazing vendors, and appreciate their expertise.




Tulips are a personal favourite of ours when it comes to winter/springtime blooms, despite the fact that they are quite often considered the ‘misbehaved child’ of the flower world. There’s just something magical about a flower that can sprout from a bulb tucked beneath the surface, as if from nowhere, and present such a vibrant array of colour. An intriguing trait of the tulip is that they continue to grow even as a cut flower (sometimes up to 2cm per day), which is the main characteristic behind their unruly yet loveable nature.
However, this can be both a blessing and a burden (mainly a blessing).
In all of their wildness, the tulip is one of the most elegant and beautiful flowers out there – the way they bend and droop their heads shows a certain degree of grace, don’t you think? If, say, a rose was to slouch toward the ground as the tulip does it would come off as lazy and way past its prime, but the Tulip, in all their elegance, somehow gets away with this laziness scot-free while still managing to keep their refined appearance.

"quite often considered the ‘misbehaved child’ of the flower world"

Undoubtedly, this behaviour can cause some issues when using tulips and means that they are at times excluded from arrangements that are designed to stay perfectly in-shape. However this doesn’t discourage us flower lovers from manipulating and embracing their ever changing size and shape whenever we can.
The benefit of having access to greenhouse- grown flowers such as the Tulip now means that we can trick many seasonal varieties into flowering for many months of the year. For us, that means we don’t have to wait for spring to see bunches of tulips available for sale, with the Australian season running from April through to October.
If you love having Tulips in your home and want to keep them from wilting for as long as possible, ensure you pick a vase that is tall enough to cover at least half the height of the stem, this way the top heavy flower head can lean against the vase without bending over. Help your Tulips last as long they can by avoiding contact with direct sunlight and keeping them in a cool room of the house. Re-cut the stems every other day in order to keep their height down and prevent their heads from drooping and top up the vase with clean, fresh water.
By following these simple steps, you can enjoy the brightly coloured blooms for up to 2 weeks!

"Re-cut the stems every other day in order to keep their height down and prevent their heads from drooping and top up the vase with clean, fresh water."


Michael and Bethany Engagement

Bethany and Michael’s story started….

It all began when Michael and the Viva Team secretly devised a make-believe order that was to be delivered to a suite at Barossa Pavilions. Bethany was forced to undertake the delivery.  When she arrived, she entered a room full of the freshest, whitest flowers and had no idea that this very moment would be the next step in her relationship with Michael. The beginning of a new and exciting chapter of their lives together.  

Fino at Seppeltsfield was the perfect setting for Bethany and Michael’s engagement party.
Located in the original bottling hall of the winery, the evening was filled to the brim with Barossa ambience and stunning floral arrangements. 
Rectangular vases filled with wheatgrass introduced a twist on traditional table settings that was both endearing and wholesome.
An abundance of white and green made for a stunning flower table and striking backdrop to the room.
Not only did guests enjoy the best of Barossa fine foods (and wine!) but hundreds of hanging tulips were a feast for the eyes.
It was a magical evening marking this exciting new stage of life together.

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