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When it comes weddings, one photo is usually chosen to send out as a thank you to all your attendees, to post on your social media accounts and to hang up on your grandparent's wall. Summarising your entire day into one photo can be a lengthy and difficult task.

As florists, it's an extensive process to pick and choose the best photos to use on our website, our social media accounts and our advertising. We spend hours on end compiling the photos into the best and most unique album we can, for each bride and groom. We firstly showcase our work, but also ensure that we illustrate the happiness felt by both the bride and groom, as well as all the loved ones who surround them on their special day.

Throughout all the weddings the Viva team has had the privilege of being involved in, there is always one shot that we truly believe is the one, amongst all others, that is the true embodiment of the raw and unfiltered feelings between bride and groom.

What is this shot?

Once a bride and groom have shared their vows, exchanged the life-changing 'i do', signed their certificate and had the kiss of a lifetime, they walk down the isle; hand in hand, with the widest smiles, as their friends and families shower them in rose petals; this is the perfect photo that highlights the happiness felt by all on the day. The smiles and atmosphere shown in just one photo is, without a doubt, one of a kind. The rose petals create a picturesque frame around the newly weds that one cannot even begin to describe!


If you are a newly engaged couple on your way to sharing those vows with the person you love, ask us for rose cones when visiting for your consult, and make sure your photographer gets that shot! It is, without a doubt, the most heartwarming photo that you will share with your soulmate, family and friends forever! 

images supplied from top to bottom;
Evan Bailey Photography
Jessica Clark Photography
Jesse Hisco Photography
White Wall Photography
I got you babe photography
White Wall Photography
Evan Bailey Photography
Christopher Morrison
Katherine Schultz Photography

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