Poppy Power

Baby, it’s cold outside!

The Winter months can be long and tedious; shorter days, darker nights and cold drizzly weather can bring on the Winter blues. Thank goodness for all the stunning (and often overlooked) flowers that bloom during this otherwise relatively drab time of year.

A perfect way to bring some sunshine inside is with a bright bunch of one of our top winter favourites; the Poppy!

image || Viva Flowers

The absolute joy and delight of the Poppy comes from watching the tight, furry buds ‘pop’ open revealing delicate, paper-thin petals which quickly unfurl. They are mesmerising to watch; whether they’re sitting pretty in a vase on the dining room table or blowing in the breeze scattered amongst the garden, the spectacular shades of pinks, apricots, yellows and whites are simply heavenly.

image ||

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