Emmica and Andy’s Vibrant, Rural Wedding

Over the Easter long weekend, Viva had a blast creating floral designs to match Emmica and Andy’s bright, quirky and down-to earth personalities. Within a scenic nook of Bethany Reserve, guests sat on upcycled, mismatched chairs - hand-painted and upholstered by the bride’s mum! The couple wanted their flowers to be lively and to reflect this beautiful, rural setting.

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As Emmica and Andy walked down the isle together, hand in hand, the guests began an impromptu cheer. The couple could not stop smiling as Love Me Do by the Beetles danced through the leaves of the tallest gumtree.

Emmica’s bouquet was wild and unstructured with wattle, grand jubilee red rose, pink lace roses, gum nuts and red dahlias. The colours were inspired by Emmica’s favourite shade of lipstick, Russian Red. For Andy’s buttonhole we used red spray rose and gum nuts. We placed mixed gums and natives in tins beneath an arch of handmade bunting strung between two fallen branches.

Nigel Parsons PhotographyNigel Parsons PhotographyNigel Parsons PhotographyNigel Parsons Photography

The couple exchanged endearing vows like Andy’s - “I promise to continue telling you random factoids that you don't care about” and Emmica’s - “I promise to never do the dishes or rinse out the coffee plunger in the morning”. A reflection of their light-heartedness and their wish for the day to be filled with laughter, love and happiness.

Nigel Parsons PhotographyNigel Parsons Photography

Looking around Stockwell Hall, it was easy to see that Emmica and Andy took DIY weddings to a whole new level. With the help of family and friends they made a backdrop of paper flowers, sewed over one hundred metres of bunting and put together an incredible collection of op-shop glasses.

Nigel Parsons PhotographyNigel Parsons Photography

To suit their eclectic theme, we crafted bright posies of reds, oranges, pinks and purples and used found tins as vases. The couple wanted over-the-top colour but still in keeping with their love of Australian nature. To achieve this we complimented the flowers with an array of mixed gums and arranged them next to Andy’s potted succulents.

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When the bride entered the reception in sequinned, gold pants the guests knew it was time to turn up the music and tear up the dance floor! Viva had an incredible time creating joyous floral designs that truly matched the beaming hearts of the happy couple.

Nigel Parsons PhotographyNigel Parsons PhotographyNigel Parsons Photography 







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