Mother & Daughter Flower Workshop

On Sunday 4th June Viva held a flower workshop for Mums & Daughters.

Bethany & Karina were joined in-store by 8 lovely ladies to sip bubbles and chat all things florals. The group were introduced to the basics of hand-tied flower arranging with a demonstration of bouquet construction and some insight into how a Florist might go about selecting the best blooms. 

With some guidance from the lovely Viva team, all participants were then invited to get their hands dirty and 'create-their-own' arrangement to take home. 

What a fun and inspiring way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

Sweetest baby girl names, INSPIRED by FLOWERS

Choosing baby names is HARD. We know a few babies but we know lots of flowers! Girls are awesome and their names should be too! Drawing inspiration from our natural world, we’ve put together nine beautiful and unique baby girl names that are inspired by flowers and foliages.

Julia & Michael's Gorgeous Barossa Wedding

Last year we had the honour of creating the stunning flower arrangements for Julia and Michael's wedding.

The weather was perfect, the blooms beautiful and plentiful and the magnificent Chateau Tanunda was dressed to impress.

We loved contributing to the magic of the day; bringing in over four hundred bunches of roses to create the 250+ flower arrangements for the day. Months of planning, three days of constructing, 230 candles and votives, 2 delivery vans and a full day's set-up culminated in this spectacular occasion.

Check out all our behind the scenes action below, and pop over to our wedding gallery here to see more photo's of Julia & Michael's breathtaking day!

PHOTOGRAPHY: Meaghan Coles


Valentine's Day and the meaning of Flowers

Most people recognise Valentine's Day as a date to celebrate romantic love and affection toward your partner. But did you know that, historically, the date of February the 14th presented as a chance to express feelings of appreciation to family, friends and children?

Red roses are a traditional choice when it comes to sending flowers attached to messages of love and desire, but why not choose flowers that reflect your significant other’s personality - whether that be classic and sophisticated, or bright and fun. Below we’ve listed some other seasonal favourites and the meanings behind those:


The Dahlia represents celebrating what makes you different, seeking adventure and moving past challenges. The Victorians used the Dahlia to signify a lasting bond and commitment between two people, making it a perfect Valentines gift.

Key ideas associated with Dahlias are the following:

    • Grace and inner strength
    • Power
    • Seeking adventure and travel
    • Commitment to another person  


Having such an elegant look, it’s no wonder the Lily flower means royalty, rebirth, and purity. There are hundreds of different true lilies, but the most commonly found cut-stem lilies are the orientals. With their striking shape, the large blooms open to either pink or white.

The Lily Flower means:

  • Royalty and excellence
  • Motherhood and fertility
  • Purity
  • Passion and drive


Also known as a ‘Mum’, the Chrysanthemum was first cultivated from wild blossoms by the Chinese, with the first breeding efforts dating back to the 15th century. It is a common cut flower used for bouquets and flower arrangements, and the traditional pick for Mother’s Day.

What does the Chrysanthemum Flower Mean?

  • Lasting friendship
  • Support in the face of obstacles
  • Cheerfulness and positivity
  • Loyalty and devotion, both romantic and platonic



This distinctive bloom that looks similar to a rose has a great vase life and is available in a range of pretty pastel shades. It’s also a popular wedding flower due to its link with devotion and long-lasting bonds. 

Lisianthus has plenty of different meanings to explore, such as:

  • The birth flower for Sagittarius
  • Lifelong bonds
  • Expressing gratitude
  • Showing someone appreciation
  • Traditional values and old fashioned morals. 


“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” - William Shakespeare

The Rose is one of the most loved of all flowers has been widely recognised for hundreds of years as a symbol of love, sympathy or sorrow.

In mythology the Rose is associated with Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love who was often depicted adorned with roses around her head and feet.

What does the Rose Flower Mean?

  • Love and Faith
  • Honour
  • Beauty
  • Passion and devotion
  • Timelessness

Roses come in a vast array of colours and there are over 100 species. Did you know that the spikes on a Rose’s stem are technically called prickles, not thorns?

Each coloured Rose offers a distinct and different meaning. The following are some commonly associated meanings for each colour:

Red: The red Rose has come to be the ultimate symbol to express romantic love. Though the red Rose has a long and storied history, it still reigns as the ultimate symbol of passionate affection.

Pink: Pink Roses are your ultimate go-to multipurpose colour. They are appropriate for sending thanks, cheering up a friend, or recognising a romantic occasion.

White: The pure white colour of white Roses conveys respect, pays homage to new beginnings and expresses hope for the future. Historically, the white Rose symbolised innocence and purity.

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Bethany's top 7 INDOOR PLANTS

Bethany's top 7 INDOOR PLANTS

I just love filling my home with indoor plants, always making it feel so fresh and happy. Having them in the house is ideal, as you can consistently watch them grow which makes them feel like part of the family.

Indoor plants do wonders for your health.  It has been proven that the benefits to you are outstanding by providing cleaner air, reducing stress and improving your wellbeing.

See below some of my favourites; 

Fiddle Leaf Fig || Ficus lyrata

Keep your fiddle leaf fig in bright, indirect light. Water when the top few cm are dry. 
Dust and keep your leaves clean.
Photo via Bentinmarcs in our own home in Angaston


Rubber Plant || Ficus elastica

The Rubber plant needs bright indoor light. Allow potting mix to dry out between watering. Keep the leaves dust free, repot this plant as needed.
Photo via Pinterest

Phalaenopsis Orchid  


The Phalaenopsis Orchid has long-lasting flowers. Provide bright light, shelter from cold draughts and grow in well-drained orchid mix. Mist once or twice a week. Let flower stems die back before pruning off dead growth.
Photo via Bentinmarcs in our own home in Angaston

Peace Lily || Spathiphyllum

The Peace lily is one of the best indoor flowering plants for a bight indoor spot. Water when dry and remove spent flower and leaf stems. Note: Poisonous to pets
Photo via Pinterest


Devil's Ivy || Epipremnum aureum

Devil's ivy is a climber that grows in bright to low light away from draughts. Water when dry and dust leaves. Prune to control the size. Note: Poisonous to pets
Photo via Pinterest


Mother in Law Tongue || 

Sansevieria trifasciata

Mother-in-law's tongue is a tough indoor plant for a well lit spot out of the direct sun. Water when dry.
Photo via Pinterest


Monstera Plant || Monstera deliciosa

Monstera likes a well lit spot indoors away from direct light. Allow potting mix to dry out slightly between waterings. Mist and dust leaves. Remove dead growth and repot when it grows out of its container. Support any of the climbing branches.
Photo via Pinterest

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New Beginnings - Viva 2.0 Website Launch

Spring is finally here to lift us up and out of the depths of winter. The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming and Viva is celebrating 2 years with owner and Barossa local, Bethany Rothe. With an incredible team by her side, Bethany has poured her impeccable taste and flair into this business.

With a love for the natural beauty of flowers, Viva buys fresh flowers from the markets everyday. No matter the occasion, our designs reflect the individuality and desires of our clients and we also go the extra mile to source flowers from interstate and overseas if needed. 

In the true spirit of spring, we thought it was the perfect time to give life to our new website. Not that we need an excuse to drink delectable wine and eat delicious cheese, but on Thursday 22nd September we hosted a website launch party. 

Viva's page now reflects our style and aesthetic and is a lot easier to use! Ordering flowers online is simple and we offer a range of perfect gifts and plants that can also be found in our shopfront in Angaston. 

Surrounded by beautiful blooms and the best of company, Viva had a blast showing off our new online look. Thank you so much to everyone that came along. We have also started this blog and look forward to sharing post with you from Flowers in Season, to Care Tips, to Wedding Features. 

A gorgeous time of year is upon us and we can't wait to share in your memorable occasions. We specialise in weddings, bridal showers, engagement parties and corporate events and are happy to handle any crazy, creative idea you might have! Whether online or in-store, we hope to see you soon. 

A special Thank you to Hentley Farm for donating the amazing Sparkling Blanc de Nor we enjoyed on the night. Its now a great addition to our wine list you can add on to any order online.


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